Core Values

The Center for Research Computing strives for a well-defined, pervasive culture based on the following core values:


The Center encourages new ideas, and individuals are able to move ideas through the organization.


The Center’s flexible structure responds and adapts to opportunities.

Security Conscious

The Center is mindful of cybersecurity needs and how fulfilling those needs enables research and makes the Center more competitive.

Organizationally Lean

De-emphasize bureaucracy and emphasize efficiency. Dedicated, accountable staff own their jobs and have independence to make decisions regarding their work without micromanagement.


As a Center, we strive to send, receive, and understand the information necessary to work effectively. We encourage candor.


Team members are open and willing to cooperate, share, and work well together.

People Focused

The Center is a comfortable workplace where people have the resources and guidance to be effective in their work, as well as resources to support wellness and maintain physical and mental health.

Performance Oriented

People know what determines success in their roles, and achievements are recognized. Leaders are actively engaged in positioning people for growth at the intersection of their passions and the needs of the organization.

Purpose Driven

Strong team players understand the wider impact of their work and are motivated through progress toward individual and collective goals.