I came to Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing (CRC) in May 2009 with a mission to create a unique, interdisciplinary environment, where strong groups of computational and computer scientists and research programmers would work side by side with scientists, engineers, mathematicians and scholars in the arts, humanities, and business to create new information technology approaches to research. I strongly believe that the world of research computing will have a profound and transformative effect on literally all disciplines, and I envision the Center to be a place at Notre Dame with the breadth and depth to help drive such advances.

Beginning with a small handful of staff and researchers, the CRC is undergoing tremendous growth, with a number of HPC engineers, computational scientists and research programmers hired to date. CRC's computational scientists specialize in such areas as computational mathematics, astrophysics, physics, molecular dynamics, computer science, geographical information systems, scientific portals, visualization, application performance tuning, parallel and distributed computing, cloud and grid computing and more. They all have, or will have, their own teams of research programmers, so they can be engaged in long term research development and research support projects.

The CRC aims to be a partner for research at the University of Notre Dame, and we expect to continue to grow as a central component of Notre Dame's research development in the coming decades. We have aligned ourselves very strongly with the Presidential Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) report and the National Science Foundation's Office of Cyberinfrastructure, which has developed a strategic plan for 21st Century Discovery.

As we continue to develop the CRC, we expect to generate many exciting projects to attract additional faculty, researchers and students in areas as diverse as computational and computer science, arts and humanities and digital media. We look forward to working with you to create a new future of computational sciences and interdisciplinary applications to advance research development at the University of Notre Dame and beyond.

Jarek Nabrzyski

Director, Notre Dame Center for Research Computing