Kristina Davis, Ph.D.
  • Kristina Davis, Ph.D.

  • Asst. Dir. Visual Strategist
  • 912 Flanner Hall
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  • 574-631-0878

My formal training is in scientific research. I have a PhD in Chemistry from Vanderbilt University, specializing in molecular modeling and simulation, and 3 years of postdoctoral experience here at Notre Dame studying DNA dynamics and mathematically modeling fluorescence spectroscopy data. Before I was a scientist, I worked as a freelance artist, multimedia designer, and theatrical scene painter. As a student, I spent summers studying animation at NYU, international relations in the former Soviet Union and Switzerland, ecology in Belize, and the Japanese language in Hamamatsu. I love to create images, design and build things, and think about interesting problems in a variety of different disciplines.

In fall 2009, I began working at the CRC as a Visualization Specialist, where I help researchers showcase their results and express their ideas visually. I am interested in using visual techniques to gain new insight from data, illustrate abstract concepts, and make technical subject matter accessible without sacrificing accuracy.

You will find examples of my work for the CRC on the Graphics Support pages.

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