Date/Location: Thursday, May 24th @ 3:30 PM - 356A Fitzpatrick Hall 

Title: Forming Dream Teams
Abstract: Team Formation, or “finding a group of individuals who can communicate effectively as a team to accomplish a specific task” is an interesting problem, especially as communities and collaborations are increasingly virtualised.  In this talk I look at team formation using the scientific collaboration networks - and as part of this project our experiences in  building a new, large, rich, Comprehensive Scholarly Corpus as a platform and data source for research. Our corpus contains records of 1,044,454 papers, 472,365 unique authors, and substantial publication meta-data for each record. We have integrated the data we collected from 276 publishers using a uniform and consistent XML data format within the corpus. The corpus is designed to be compatible with DBLP enabling existing research to utilise our new corpus directly.  Prior work in online team formation algorithms  has focused on reducing the communication costs within teams, in contrast however, our new team formation algorithm builds teams by looking at interpersonal chemistry as well as expertise.   
Bio: My homepage:
Kris Bubendorfer is an Associate Professor in Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington. His research interests include cloud related areas of distributed computing, including, services and service oriented architectures, cloud computing markets, resource allocation, cyber security, high performance computing, scientific computation, eResearch and the associated topics of social computing and reputation systems.