Friday, September 14th, 2018

3:00 p.m.

DeBartolo Hall Room 101


Dr. Alun Preece

Professor of Intelligent at Cardiff University


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SHERLOCK: Simple Human Experiments Regarding Locally Observed Collective Knowledge

This talk will set out the motivation behind SHERLOCK in the context of obtaining situational awareness and tactical intelligence in policing and security operations, with real-world examples from our field exercises including the 2014 NATO Summit which was the largest peacetime security operation in UK history. I will explain how these exercises scoped our requirements for a conversational knowledge-based agent capable of operating in offline settings as well as online, leading to the implementation of the open source CENode software and the design of the SHERLOCK games which to date have been played by over 200 people, working in teams to collaboratively build a crowdsourced situational knowledge base. The talk will also briefly cover other applications of the same underlying technology, including work done by colleagues at IBM UK. Finally, I will point to current directions of our work, looking at explainable machine learning services, in the context of the Distributed Analytics and Information Sciences International Technology Alliance (DAIS ITA) led by IBM.

About Dr. Preece

Alun Preece is Professor of Intelligent Systems at Cardiff University where he Co-Directs the interdisciplinary Crime & Security Research Institute and is deputy head of the School of Computer Science and Informatics. Prof Preece is UK Academic Technical Area Lead for the $80M US/UK Distributed Analytics and Information Sciences International Technology Alliance (DAIS ITA, 2016-2026) funded by the US & UK Governments and led by IBM, in which he also leads the project "Anticipatory Situational Understanding" involving a team from Airbus, BAE Systems, IBM, UCL, and UCLA. Previously, he served in the same role for the Network and Information Sciences International Technology Alliance (NIS ITA, 2006-2016).