January 16th, 2015

From Science to Startups

Ian Taylor

Reader in Distributed and Scientific ComputingSchool of Computer Science
Cardiff, United Kingdom


This talk is divided into two parts. The first part will provide a brief overview of four of Ian's current research strands: decentralized discovery algorithms, dynamic network reconfiguration, scientific workflows and Web interaction with a use case for the national data service. The second part of the talk will discuss startups, drawing in on a number of use cases that Ian has been involved in over the past 6 years. He will discuss the key factors in making a startup successful and provide details of some of these key components including the idea, branding, implementation, customer need, pricing, business development, IP protection and marketing. He will then provide some use cases in the startup culture, drawing from some examples, which attracted his attention and then provide use cases from his own experience in HVAC and data center energy savings, healthcare, school gaming apps and property management.

About Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor is a Reader in Distributed and Scientific Computing at the School of Computer Science, Cardiff, UK, Consultant to the Naval Research Lab (NRL), USA and is involved with several startups. His research over the last 25 years has covered a broad range of distributed computing areas but he now specializes in Web interaction and APIs, big data applications, distributed scientific workflows and data distribution, with application areas ranging from audio, astrophysics and engineering to bioinformatics and healthcare. He has managed over 15 research and industrial projects, published over 150 papers, 3 books, acted as guest editor for several special issues in journals and chairs the WORKS Workflow workshop yearly at supercomputing. Ian won the Naval Research Lab best research paper prize in both 2010 and 2011. Over the past six years he has been involved in a number of startup products in companies, including skydesks.com, eco4cloud.com, eiwcorp.com, easyworkorder.com, viavm.com and praxlinx.com. His various roles within the startup lifecycle have ranged from seeding ideas and developing them into technical products and infrastructures, business and intellectual property development and various marketing techniques, such as SEO, integrating affiliate programs and engaging marketing channels for white labeling or sales.