The CRC operates a state of the art High Performance Computing (HPC) facility providing advanced computing support to researchers within Notre Dame, the local community and industry. The facility is highly secure and reliable and can be accessed securely and seamlessly. CRC systems have a wide range of software installed, including applications for: Computational Chemistry, CFD & Engineering, Climate Modeling & Earth Systems, Computational Physics,  Bioinformatics, Math Libraries and Statistics and Mathematics Environments.

HPC manages parallel supercomputers, clusters, grid networks and storage (over 20,000 cores total and 3 PB storage) which provide exceptional levels of processing speed and power compared to desktop and monolithic mainframe systems. Tasks which can be most effectively resolved by segmenting the problem into a number of parallel tasks can be efficiently carried out by a CRC cluster. Researchers gain a cost-effective competitive advantage by using CRC's expertise and computing power. HPC systems at the CRC are highly optimized by our expert staff to ensure maximum performance. To learn how to obtain an account and get started using CRC resources, visit the User Support page.


  • Acquire, implement, and operate a broad range of research computing resources
  • Consult on research computing infrastructure at high levels of technical proficiency
  • Facilitate research objectives beyond existing resource limits through innovation
  • Minimize user barriers to entry/operation
  • Maximize resource capability (within fiscal/organizational limitations)
  • Maximize resource availability/reliability (within fiscal/organizational limitations)
  • Exercise flexibility for new vendor technology evaluation/adoption/deployment

Core Services

  • High Performance Computing
  • High Throughput Computing
  • Networking
  • Queuing / Job Federation
  • Storage (High Performance, Persistent User Space, Archival)
  • Software Application Installation/Operation
  • Access/Interface to Multi Institutional Research Grids
  • Cloud/Virtualization Services
  • System Design/Specification/Acquisition/Installation
  • Security/Monitoring
  • Provide dedicated system administration services

To acknowledge support from the CRC please use the following citation:

"This research was supported in part by the Notre Dame Center for Research Computing through [CRC resources]. [We specifically acknowledge the assistance of <relevant CRC staff members' names>]"