Strong visuals can greatly aid communication of research results and ideas, especially when presenting to a broader audience, submitting to a high profile journal or attempting to win the support of grant reviewers. The CRC offers graphics support to researchers as a recharge service. Browse examples below and contact Kristina Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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Infographics are a form of data visualization focused on explaining and communicating a particuar story or idea. Infographics can be an important addition to grant proposals, journal articles, presentations and press releases, to help audiences or reviewers better understand overarching research concepts, novel equipment or organizational designs, or even to help collaborators get on the same page. We work with researchers to express their ideas visually and produce professional graphics.

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In molecular simulation and visualization, different abstractions are used to represent the relationships and behaviors of atoms in order to better understand structure and function at the molecular level.

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Creating a visual identity for a research endeavor can aid in external visibility and recognizability, as well as internal cohesiveness or identification within the project or partnership. We work with researchers to create or refine visual identities for websites, apps, software products, conferences, and research partnerships.

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In recent years, the standards for acceptance of images for journal covers have increased dramatically. To get a cover today, often researchers must not only conduct top quality, topical work, but also create novel, high quality graphics to represent it. We work with Notre Dame researchers to create high profile visual representations of their work for publication and presentations.