The CRC provides the following services and resources in support of research at the University of Notre Dame.  Separate mechanisms exist for the provisioning and allocation of these resources, as outlined the Resources Allocation Policy available on the Policies and Procedures page. Additional information for use in the preparation of proposals can be found on the Grant Support page. To learn how to obtain an account and get started using CRC resources, visit the User Support page.

  • Computational resources: typically HPC systems oriented toward batch job submission.  The CRC manages over 25,000 CPU cores in systems of various architectures and interconnects.  Computational resources typically have associated disk systems for short term storage.
  • Storage resources: approximately 3 PB of data storage including disk based systems for high performance and user space storage of data and tape based systems for long term storage.
  • Specialized resources: visualization systems, systems for virtual hosting, prototype architectures, and high throughput computing infrastructure.
  • Access and interface to the TeraGrid and Open Science Grid
  • Advanced User Support
    • Software Development and Profiling
    • Geographical Information Systems
    • Visualization Support
    • Cyberinfrastructure/eScience Portal Development
    • System Administration/Design and Acquisition
    • Collaborative Research/Grant Development

The CRC has resources to leverage either in cooperation with funded projects or in support of Notre Dame’s priority unfunded projects.  Separate mechanisms exist for the provisioning of different resources.  Allocation requests exceeding available ‘fair share’ resources will be met through the annually approved CRC charge models:

  • Example `fair share' resources:
    • CRC general access compute cycles where job priority is based on consumption
    • One to five days of support profiling user code for runtime performance


  • Example charge model ‘dedicated’ resources:
    • Hardware acquisition/operation for use by a restricted set of faculty (servers, storage, etc…)
    • One year of scientific software or web portal development services

To acknowledge support from the CRC please use the following citation:

"This research was supported in part by the Notre Dame Center for Research Computing through [CRC resources]. [We specifically acknowledge the assistance of ]"