CCU Students Certified as Forensic Examiners

In August 2022, four student investigators working in the Cyber Crimes Unit passed testing to become Magnet Certified Forensics Examiners. Since May 2022, 21 students have passed the testing to become certified. This testing process consists of a 120-minute examination containing 75 questions. The certification exam consists of two parts, a knowledge-based section that tests proficiency with knowledge of digital forensics and software and a practical-based section where students must successfully conduct forensics on a computer, a thumb drive, and a mobile device. A score of 80% or higher is required to become certified.

Students enrolled in the course Digital Forensic Analysis (CDT 40217) have the option to test for certification at the conclusion of the course. Since 2019, over 50 Notre Dame students have become certified digital forensic examiners.

Originally published by Mitchell Kajzer at on August 25, 2022.