Embedded Systems

To support research at the University, the Center for Research Computing (CRC) offers design, engineering, and consultation services in the areas of embedded systems, sensors, and robotics.

The burgeoning growth of low cost miniaturized sensor systems has led to many new data capture avenues, from drones as scientific sensor-platforms, through Internet of Things (IoT) sensor networks, to low-cost open source community-driven laboratory equipment. While full stack off-the-shelf solutions are increasingly available, these can be expensive or simply too closed source to allow for the customization and reproducibility that scientific rigor may require. Our scientists and engineers at the CRC work with researchers to source or develop in-house full stack solutions from custom endpoint sensory devices creation, through data logging, error correction, analytics, archiving, and publication.

Need more information?

For more information, please review the CRC's sensor systems overview document or contact CRCsupport@nd.edu.