Blockchain Research Group

The Blockchain Research Group (BRG), embedded within Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing (CRC), focuses on research into distributed ledger technologies and Blockchains in several areas.

The BRG has created two startup companies and works with different research projects within the government, industry and research communities, in various application areas, ranging from securing ASIC chip designs, and reproducibility in research, to cross cutting themes, such as decentralized identities for establishing self sovereign identity and creating verifiable credentials for datasets.    

BRG Team

The Blockchain Research Group consists of several researchers and programmers. Meet the team

Research Areas

Government Industry Startups Other

Featured Project 

See how the BRG is working with Toks to ensure the supply chain integrity of sustainably sourced coffee in the video below:

Need more information?

For more information on the Blockchain Research Group, please contact Ian Taylor.