The Center for Research Computing (CRC) at University of Notre Dame is an innovative and multidisciplinary research environment that supports collaboration to facilitate multidisciplinary discoveries through advanced computation, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and other digital research tools. The Center enhances the University’s innovative applications of cyberinfrastructure, provides support for interdisciplinary research and education, and conducts computational research.

Meet The CRC

The CRC is comprised of four main groups with complementary expertise: 

Computational Scientists

Computational Scientists are the primary initiators of collaboration between CRC groups and external researchers. They act as principal investigators alongside faculty and industry partners to develop innovative research environments that support advanced data and information processing services. 

Software Development

Software development provides agile, security-oriented, programming teams that empower research through innovative solutions for sharing, processing, analyzing, and visualizing data. 

High Performance Computing

To provide high performance computing, engineers design, deploy, and operate state of the art computational infrastructure, with comprehensive user support for associated hardware and software. These engineers provide scientific workflow and performance optimization expertise to Notre Dame researchers and collaborators on both Notre Dame-hosted and national computational resources. 

The CRC also includes experts in cybersecurity, visualization, and embedded systems, as well as a business office. 

Available to on-campus and external users, the CRC is part of Notre Dame Research and also supported by the colleges of arts and letters, science, and engineering. The Center is one of more than 20 core facilities at the University.