Prior Sessions

2020: Computational Social Science

The Center for Research Computing hosted thirteen undergraduate students as part of the Computational Social Science Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) summer program. Due to COVID-19 restrictions this summers program was held virtually. The participants spent 8 weeks working collaboratively with expert mentors on computational social science projects through the University of Notre Dame. Each student was paired with a research project in their area of interest. This REU training environment aids in developing multidisciplinary social scientists with the appropriate expertise to answer the computational social science data growth challenges and opportunities.

Thank you to the National Science Foundation for funding the Computational Social Science REU Site at the University of Notre Dame
Award #1852457


Alumni Projects

Rebecca Ward

Dehumanization of Black Victims of Police Violence in News Media by Gender & Bias

Saint Mary's College Junior Psychology & Spanish

Allison Wan

Determining Psychological Predictors for Attrition in a Longitudinal Study of STEM Persistence

Vassar College Junior Cognitive Science

Abigail Sticha

SVMs for Social Science Event Classification: A Case Study on the Triggers of Mass Atrocities

University of Notre Dame Sophomore Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (Minor in Catholic Social Tradition)

Charles Sleeper - Summer REU 2020 Peer Mentor

Big Data Acquisition and Preprocessing for Machine Coding

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Senior Computer Science (Minor in Finance)

Eliana Sanchez

Attitudes Towards Computer Programming: An Analysis on Background Experiences

Saint Mary's College Sophomore Psychology & Environmental Studies

Jordyn Rand

Self-reported positive attitude is associated with greater self-awareness of emotions; while negative attitude has a “numbing” effect

Wheaton College, IL Junior Psychology

Maya Mosley

How language and parental educational achievement impacts computer science self-perceptions in 4th - 12th grade students

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Junior Psychology (Minor in Informational Sciences)

Sophia Henn

Visualizing Text Data for Event Classification in the Social Sciences: Applications of NLP to Understand Triggers of Mass Killings

University of Notre Dame Junior Economics & Peace Studies

Susana Guerrero

The Humanizing Effect of White Protesters on Newspapers articles related to BLM Protests

Saint Mary's College Junior Sociology & Spanish

Elizabeth Forton

Introduction to Word Findings in Political Protest Articles

Saint Mary's College Junior Psychology (Minor in Sociology)

Audrey Filonczuk

Multiverse Analysis Reveals Stronger Correlations When Removing All Careless Responders

University of Notre Dame Sophomore Statistics & Psychology

Carver Coleman

The 1918-19 Flu Pandemic and Nonpharmaceutical Interventions in Ohio Cities

Brigham Young University Sophomore Economics & Data Science (Minor in Math)

Meghan Coggins

Increase in Computer Science Attitudes is Not Moderated by Gender or Underrepresented Race/Ethnicity in STEM+C

University of Notre Dame Junior Neuroscience and Behavior

Evan Brinckman

Layer Analysis on Deep Dream Images Does not Provide a Method of Organization

Indiana University Bloomington Sophomore Computer Science (Minor in Psychology)