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2019: Computational Social Science

The Center for Research Computing hosted ten undergraduate students as part of the Computational Social Science Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) summer program. The participants spent 10 weeks working collaboratively with expert mentors on computational social science projects at the University of Notre Dame. Each student was paired with a research project in their area of interest. This REU training environment aids in developing multidisciplinary social scientists with the appropriate expertise to answer the computational social science data growth challenges and opportunities.

Thank you to the National Science Foundation for funding the Computational Social Science REU Site at the University of Notre Dame
Award #1852457



Alumni Projects

Isaac Thuesen

What Predicts Math Attitudes? Examining Associations with Demographic Characteristics and Personality Traits as Predictors

Indiana University, Bloomington Junior Sociology, Arabic, & History

Charles Sleeper

Parallelization of NLP Applications for Genocide Prediction

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Junior Computer Science (Minor in Finance)

Catherine Kehner

Video Games as Escape in a Crisis of Masculinity

Saint Mary's College Junior Sociology & Gender and Women's Studies

Lorissa Humble

Applying Event Coincidence Analysis to Predict Triggers of Mass Atrocities

New Mexico State University Junior Sociology & Computer Science

Anastasia Hite

Self-Esteem by Race, Gender, and Homophily: Students of Color on a Majority White Campus

Saint Mary's College Junior Sociology (Minors in Spanish and Justice Studies)

Ivol Frasier

Teacher Support Indirectly Affects Active Procrastination via Math Attitudes

Saint Mary's College Sophomore Psychology

Lucy Du

CANO's Effect on Disadvantaged Communities: Evidence of Domestic Violence Perpetuation

Cornell University Sophomore Statistics & Economics

Timothy Burley

Sorting Ontologically Narrowed NLP Edited Text with a Bash Workflow

University of Notre Dame Sophomore Computer Science

Kyle Barrentine

The Adjustment of Network Size Among Depressed Persons with Too Large of a Social Network

North Carolina A&T State University Junior Psychology

Nicole Aggarwal

Composition of Online Racism: Decoding Racist Internet Memes

Saint Mary's College Junior Sociology & Communications Studies (Minor in Gender and Women's Studies)

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2019: International Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (iSURE) Program

The iSURE program provides opportunities for international undergraduate and Master's students to participate in engineering, science, and social science research at the University of Notre Dame. Students will gain valuable hands-on research experience and exposure to broader areas of research. Students work closely with Notre Dame faculty and graduate students on a variety of ongoing research projects.

The iSURE program is open to all international students who are enrolled as undergraduate or Master's students in universities overseas.

Alumni Projects

Ruyu Zhou (Chris)

Modeling Migration on a Global Scale

Sichuan University Senior Mathematics

Hang Xie (Calvin)

Sentiment Analysis on Global News

Wenzhou-Kean University Senior Computer Science

Manchen Wen (Mandy)

Modeling Migration on a Global Scale

University of Sydney Senior Business Analytics

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