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2018: Data Intensive Scientific Computing

The 2018 Summer DISC REU students learned how to use high performance computing and big data technologies to enable new discoveries in computer science, physics, and biology. The students spent 10 weeks working collaboratively with expert mentors on grand challenge problems, like discovering new galaxies in digital imagery, discovering new fundamental particles, using gene sequencing to understand disease, and predicting the effect of new drugs using computational modeling, at Notre Dame. To do this, we harnessed large scale computing clusters and big data systems composed of hundreds or thousands of machines, all working together in concert. To make advances in these areas, our goal is to train the next generation of scholars to be adept in both scientific domains and advanced computing techniques.

The DISC REU summer program is made possible by the U.S. National Science Foundation under grant CNS-1560363.

Alumni Projects

Jeremy Speth

Generation and Matching of Bipartite Graphs

University of Nevada, Reno Junior Computer Science & Engineering (Minor in Mathematics)

Nicholas Potteiger

Archiving Workflows Onto Cloud Based Storage

University of Maryland, Baltimore County Freshman Computer Science

Khaya Klanot

Deep Learning for Particle Physics: Investigating Neural Network Structure and Hyperparameters

Yale University Sophomore Mathematics & Physics

Eric Gronda

Visual Analytics of Student Clickstream Data Using Higher Order Networks

University of Maryland, Baltimore County Freshman Computer Engineering

Jacob Gersfeld

SNP Isolation and Primer Design in R. pomonella

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Sophomore Computer Science (Minor in Chemistry)

Jon Genty

Classifying Aging- and Non-Aging-Related Genes in Dynamic Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) Networks

University of Houston Sophomore Computer Engineering (Minor in Mathematics)

Anne Freeman

Developing Software to Process Malaria Genetic Data for QTL Analysis in a Shared Parent Genetic Cross

Georgetown University Junior Computer Science

Diego Fernandez

Lobster: Harnessing Opportunistic Clusters with a Workflow Management Tool for CMS Data Analysis

University of Edinburgh Year 1 Masters in Physics

Aidan Draper

Classifying marshland plant species by processing light reflectance in satellite images

Elon University Junior Statistics & Computer Science (Minors in Data Science & Mathematics)

Kevin Choy

A Web-Based Tool for Flexible Learning-Free Segmentation And Reconstruction for Sparse Neuronal Circuit Tracing

University of Texas at Austin Junior Biomedical Engineering

Kendrea Beers

Exhaustive Heterogeneous Graphlet Counting for Network Alignment

Oregon State University Freshman Computer Science (Minors in Mathematics, Physics, and/or Philosophy)

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