Graphics & Visualization

The Center for Research Computing (CRC) supports a variety of graphic and visualization needs:

Data Analytics and Visualization

Visual representations of data facilitate exploration and analysis. The most effective visual encoding depends on the data and research questions of interest. In some cases, a chart or map is most effective, while others require a new visual form. The CRC partners with researchers to build customized tools for data sharing, processing, analytics, and visualization.

3D and Virtual Environments

Interactive 3D environments constructed from physical data enable detailed exploration of inaccessible places and things. Virtual environments enable dynamic interaction with data that doesn't have a physical source. The CRC partners with researchers to build such environments to study aging effects and aid in the reconstruction of buildings or create virtual worlds for immersive language training without leaving home.

Explanatory Graphics

Strong visuals can greatly aid communication of research ideas and results, especially when presenting to a broader audience, submitting to a high profile journal, or attempting to win the support of grant reviewers. Explanatory infographics can help audiences or reviewers better understand overarching research concepts, novel equipment, or organizational designs. Journal covers and hero images can increase visibility of published research. Creating a logo or visual identity for a research endeavor can aid external recognizability as well as cohesiveness within a project or partnership. The CRC offers graphics support to researchers as a recharge service.

The CRC has the expertise in visualization, computer science, statistics and data mining, virtual reality, and 3D environments to build custom tools to explore and analyze data.

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