Software Development

With an abundance of data, new technology, and increasing demand for knowledge and experience sharing, research without software is becoming increasingly difficult. The Center for Research Computing (CRC) has extensive experience in software development and performance profiling with numerous engineers and professional programmers on staff. The CRC is the perfect partner with broad software development expertise and extensive experience managing research and development projects of all different scales.

Stable, Sustainable Support

The CRC provides a stable home for software development skills without the same cyclical turn-over as academic labs staffed with students and postdocs. The Center advocates for sustainable practices, and helps researchers build more reliable, efficient code that can be more easily shared and reused.

Flexible Approach

Embracing agile software development principles, the CRC can configure a team for a project of any complexity. Emphasis on good software engineering practices, technical excellence, and delivering working software early in the process, are key components of a more disciplined and flexible approach to software development.

Broad Range

Believing there is no project too big or too small, the CRC can build anything from prototypes and proofs of concept to end-to-end solutions. CRC programmers develop software, web portals, novel cyberinfrastructure, and mobile apps. The Center is here to collaborate, not just provide work for hire, and therefore partner with researchers on projects and proposal development.


Cybersecurity is a foremost concern for the CRC. To empower the development process while simultaneously reducing project risk, the Center uses a workflow that maps onto both the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) System Development Life Cycle and the NIST Risk Management Framework. According to the specific needs of projects, the staff then apply NIST policies, procedures, and controls to ensure compliance with FISMA, HIPAA, etc.

Need more information?

For more information, please review the CRC's software overview document or contact